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Virginia Aromatics

We are proud to offer Virginia Aromatics hand-crafted line of products. Virginia Aromatics is a local small apothecary with a big heart, nestled in the tranquil foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge. Like Lacy's and The Flower Cottage, they are a family-owned business and bring you small-batch, handmade apothecary products of premium quality.

Virginia Aromatics offer a unique fragrance experience to customers who want self-care and de-stress routines to be uncomplicated, luxurious, and filled with scrumptious natural ingredients. Their wizardry with essential oils, soy wax, beeswax, botanical carrier oils, and plant butters is worth getting naked for. The company culture is respectful of the earth and her inhabitants, creating cruelty-free formulations and reducing our footprint wherever possible. Step into the old-world indulgence of boutique handmade apothecary with luxuriously moisturizing soaps, skin care, soy candles and other fragrant delights.